stockvault-young-man-driving98348In our last segment we reviewed the similarities between a minivan and SUV. Now let’s take a look at the differences a minivan brings to the table, and what this particular vehicle type has to offer.

Minivans can be a “best friend” of sorts to those with small children. They’ve got a relatively low step-up height and sliding electronic doors, meaning they’re incredibly easy for kids to climb into. These items are quite handy when you’ve got your own hands full – be it of groceries, soccer gear, or other little ones. And, given their large picture windows, they’re easy to look out of, too. In fact, many parents will say that, when it comes to keeping young children content on long trips, nothing beats a minivan!

Minivans also offer a smooth, car-like ride; fuel economy that beats that of an SUV; a flat-load floor that makes loading and unloading cargo (or groceries) easier on you; and, of course, enough room for a gaggle of kids, groceries…and maybe even a dog.

Most of the minivans on the market are front-wheel drive; however, more are emerging with all-wheel drive each year.

In part 3 of the series we’ll discuss the main differences of an SUV and what benefits they have to offer…so stay tuned!



Chad Sabatka

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