stockvault-international-geneva-cars-salon-2010113242In our last article we touched on coupes, crossovers, and hatchbacks styles of vehicles. Today we’ll review sedans, SUV’s, and wagons.

Sedan – Sedans are very common and lovable among all the different types of cars on the road. These are commonly a four door cars with 4+ seats, which are fully covered, and have a fixed roof top along with full height up to the rear windows. Sedans are also known as Saloons in British English. Sedans have various classes and variants, and typically consists of three box enclosed designs which simply means the three compartments containing engine in the first, passengers in second and cargo in third compartment. The center compartment contains two rows for passengers with an adequate and ample space for comfortable sitting. This is the most common style of vehicle on the roads today.

SUV (Sport utility vehicle) – Sport Utility vehicles are large types of cars, which are fitted on small truck like chassis. SUV’s are especially designed for off-road drives, and are commonly fitted with four doors. These cars have high ground clearance, comparatively big tires, extreme power with high load carrying ability, and good room for sitting. Some SUV’s come equipped with four wheel drive, whereas some only possess two wheel drive. SUV’s have many variants and types depending on the various uses of each vehicle. There are a growing number of SUV’s that have been fitted with a luxurious interior – making them very attractive and highly comfortable. Range Rover Evoque, Nissan Murano and Toyota Four Runner are some great examples of modern SUV’s.

Wagon – This is also known as “Station wagon” (although, to some, it’s better known as a “grocery-getter”). This is a variant of the sedan style of cars and very similar to hatchbacks in some regards. The main difference that exists is that of an extra gate available on the rear of the vehicle. This gate can be either a liftgate or a tailgate. The roof is extended a little towards the back which is shared by passengers or cargo…or both. Now you might be wondering how, exactly, does a wagon differ from a hatchback? Well, for starters, the roof of the wagon style of cars extend itself to the rear end – with its full height – and have big windows on the cargo side. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, have curved roofs at the rear with either very small windows – or no windows at all – on the cargo side. If you’re still curious about the differences, take a peek at the Volkswagen Passat and compare this wagon with the previously mentioned hatchback to understand it clearly.

Hopefully these mini definitions helped you out! We know that researching vehicles can be a huge undertaking (after all, there are a TON of them out there!) and we want to do what we can to make the process as painless as possible for you. Our lot is full and our doors are open…and there’s no better time than right now to find the car of your dreams. So, come on down and find out what we can do for you.

Chad Sabatka

Chad Sabatka is the Internet Sales & Marketing Director for Anderson Auto Group which is a Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Kia, and Mitsubishi dealer located in Lincoln & Grand Island, NE and St. Joseph, MO. You can follow Chad on .

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