stockvault-money149265The new year is almost here, which means that tax time is soon to follow.

Expecting  refund?

If so, make sure to follow the rule of thirds to figure out how to use it, which will allow you to pay a little, save a little, and spend a little…all at the same time.

Curious as to how it works? Well, it’s pretty simple. Here’s how to do it:

* You’ll need to utilize one third (1/3) for the PAST. Use that portion to pay down debt that you already owe – be it from credit cards, school loans, a car loan, medical bills, etc.

*The next third is reserved for the FUTURE. This would be your savings (or an investment account). Be it for a rainy day or for an emergency fund, starting and building savings is a huge – and vital – step on the road to financial well-being.

*The final third is reserved for the PRESENT. Use this portion to make any home or personal improvement purchases you’ve been wanting.

By following this rule you’ll not only see your savings grow and your debit shrink, but you’ll also have a little left over for the here and now, which can help you to not feel deprived in the process.

Chad Sabatka

Chad Sabatka is the Internet Sales & Marketing Director for Anderson Auto Group which is a Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Kia, and Mitsubishi dealer located in Lincoln & Grand Island, NE and St. Joseph, MO. You can follow Chad on .

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